Faux Leather Technique

I love this technique.  It uses masking tape and clear embossing powder.  I can’t do a tutorial for this technique for two reasons.  #1, it would probably take more brain cells than I currently have.    #2.   My son is on pre-deployment training in another state, and actually had nerve enough to take HIS camera with him.   Geeze, that’s nerve I tell ya!!  lol  Ok, credits first, then you see the card.    I saw the cute punch giraffe ATC on Leann Greff’s blog,    http://flowerbug.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/02/desparate-punch-art.html       and she gave credit to creation of the giraffe to Kristina Steer.  I did this one for the daughter of a friend of mine.

Faux Leather Punch GiraffeWM

This is a super easy technique, but takes a little while to tear and place all the tape.  Tear masking tape into small pieces, and place them all over your cardstock.  The more you overlap, the more texture you have.  Make sure all the cardstock is covered in tape.  You can use any color ink you like for this.  I first used the Autumn Leaves spectrum pad and just swiped the pad over the card.  Make sure you swipe across so  your inks don’t run into each other on the pad (ask me how I know this)!  Yes, that was a goober moment.  Take a tissue and rub the inks in.  This will get it into all the edges of the tape to give it an aged look, and remove excess ink.  I think I added some pumpkin and old olive after that, but can’t quite remember.  Once it’s inked the way you want it, dump some clear embossing powder over the top and heat set.  The tape and the ink will grab the EP so no need to use versamark or anything first.  Now use your piece any way you like.   Try it….you’ll love…..trust me!!    lol


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