Autumn Days

I love this new set!!  Yes I know it’s summer and it’s blistering hot, especially here in Texas, and I do mean blistering.  Seat belts and steering wheels double as branding irons here in the summer!!  lol  But I needed a guy card for a fella at our church who’s having a birthday, and I thought this set was perfect.  Actually, I thought a card done by Rhonda Camire was perfect so I case’d it with only a few small changes.  Here’s my card first.

Jimmy's Bday Card 2009 WM

I couldn’t get the sage shadow leaf at the top to scan well, and my camera stinks, so we have to deal with it.  The changes I made was that she used designer paper for the bottom part, and I didn’t have any that would work, so I stamped some of the other images, to sort of make my own.  I also did my sentiment a bit different since I don’t yet have that lovely new modern label punch that she used.  On the inside I did a white panel and at the top and bottom I stamped a row of the leaf, and then did some more of the wheat type stamp in the more mustard, and stamped my sentiment over that in chocolate chip.  I have already written my message to him in the card so I won’t scan the inside.  I meant to change the paper piercing in the corner a bit to do it differently, but I did it wrong and it came out the same as hers.  lol  I love paper piercing, but haven’t done much of it, since I usually just don’t think about that.   Ok, apparently I need to learn how to add links into a post because when I try it’s coming up gibberish.  I will learn how to do that, but in the mean time, you can see Rhonda’s beautiful card by going to, and look at her post for Monday, July 6, 2009.    Most of the stamping I’ve been doing I can’t show you yet, because it is for Convention swaps.  I can’t go, but I have a wonderful buddy who is willing to do some swapping for me, so I entered 4 swaps.  lol   But I do have a few other cards I have to make, and will do my best to get those uploaded.  Ta Ta for now.  Have a great week and God bless y’all!!


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